Leading with Authenticity: A Fireside Chat with Andy Vitale

Andy Vitale, Chief Design Officer at Constant Contact, takes the spotlight discussing leadership challenges, team growth strategies, and the essence of authentic leadership.

Join us on the 19th of December 23 at 1pm EST / 6pm GMT


Get ready to delve into the world of design leadership and innovation with Andy Vitale, a seasoned leader in the industry.

Our forum will cover a spectrum of crucial leadership topics, including navigating challenges, growing and optimizing teams, and the experience of sitting at the C-Suite table. Learn how to stay true to yourself as a leader while stepping into new roles and discover invaluable tips and tricks.

Andy Vitale brings years of experience in design leadership, having navigated diverse challenges and spearheaded innovation. With a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, Andy offers guidance on leading with authenticity and achieving optimal team performance.

Key Discussion Takeaways

  • Starting in a New Role: How to seamlessly integrate into an existing team and hit the ground running.
  • Leadership Challenges & Experiences: Andy’s insights on tackling leadership challenges head-on.
  • C-Suite Perspectives: Understanding the dynamics of leadership from the executive level.
  • Team Growth & Optimization: Strategies to foster growth and efficiency in design teams.
  • Authentic Leadership: Tips on maintaining authenticity as a leader.
  • Secret Tips & Tricks for 2024: Bring your notebooks and pens!

Speaker Profile

Andy Vitale

Andy Vitale is the Chief Design Officer at Constant Contact, a digital marketing and automation platform that offers innovative AI-powered tools and industry-leading deliverability. In this pivotal role, he ensures that millions of small businesses and nonprofits worldwide enjoy an intuitive and delightful experience, allowing them to focus more on what they do best—running their businesses.

Throughout his career, Andy has become synonymous with fostering design excellence and shaping teams that elevate design into an organizational powerhouse and competitive advantage. His experience, spanning startups to Fortune 500 companies in the fintech, health, and consumer product sectors, provides him a distinctive perspective on the transformative power of design. Andy inspires and empowers teams to solve problems with a human-centered approach, crafting meaningful products and experiences that drive successful outcomes.

A luminary in the design community, Andy is deeply committed to inspiring positive change and fostering forward-thinking conversations. He is passionate about education and serves as an adjunct professor for Kent State University’s User Experience Design graduate program. Additionally, he sits on the advisory boards of several professional organizations and educational institutions. Andy is the co-host of the podcast Surfacing, which delves into ideas and trends in the design industry. As an international keynote speaker, he is renowned for his authentic and inspiring talks on design leadership, design maturity, and responsible design.

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