Retained Project Recruitment

Retained project models allow a more direct approach to the recruitment process, allowing the team to dedicate greater resources to your needs. This strategic partnership is perfect for those looking for hard to find game changing talent or need to scale your teams fast to digitally transform your business.

What is Retained Search?

It enables TDA to dedicate expert resources to fully comprehend your business and its strategic growth or transformation goals. Acting as ambassadors for your brand, we commit to your project and go to market to provide talent outcomes that result in the success of your organization. 

Industries we drive digital transformation in:


Retained Projects Service

High Priority

The upfront retainer ensures your needs always take a higher priority than other projects. Your partnership is our priority.

Source Rare Skills

The person or teams you need might already be employed, this allows us to search further to secure the unique skills you need

End-to-End Service

From identifying suitable candidates to the final offer, we handle the entire recruitment process for you.

True Flexibility

As your organisation operates your recruitment needs will change, retain lets you turn up and down your hiring as you need it.

Diversity & Inclusion

We can consult on best D&I hiring practices to attract a wider pool of candidates for your organisation.

Improved Quality

Not only do we provide the best candidates, retained allows us to carry out in-depth assessments and interviews to ensure they meet all your needs.

Want more details about our services?

One of the team would be happy to book in a call and discuss your needs in more details.

A solution for all types of hiring

Your needs as a business change and services can’t be one size fits all. As a global staffing agency, we have solutions of all sizes to deliver you the talent that are both technical and cultural fits.


Delivers top-quality contractors across industries to meet your specific needs, using an efficient process to match you with the right candidates from our vast network.

Embedded Talent

This is an outsourced solution that offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness to help achieve your business goals and with a goal to leave a lasting legacy beyond engagement.


Provides custom talent solutions for businesses, quickly matching high-quality permanent staff from our vast professional network to your open job opportunities.