Cost effective, minimum risk.

Contractors can be the key to unlocking any ambition your business can dream of.

TDA can deliver at pace a pipeline of talent that will meet any specification you need.

TDA Academy

Streamlined specialists for you

For some hiring independent contractors can be a complicated process, that’s where we can help. 

TDA’s contractor solutions enable your organisation to take advantage of the subject-matter experts and advanced skilled-workers for any project or outcome you desire. 

  • We onboard and manage the contractor for you so it is low risk and high reward
  • You’ll see an increase in productivity across your business-as-usual teams
  • Our services are flexible to meet your needs. Resources can be scaled as you need them
  • Contractors offer a solution to any complex problems without the cost

Our promise to you


We're always learning. From every placement we make and every client we partner with. We're constantly improving to meet any challenge


We continue to wisely invest in cutting edge technologies that can complement the unrivalled human service we offer to you


We look inwards to ensure high levels of excellence however we engage with you, guaranteeing the highest level of service

Other areas of specialism

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