From Finance to Travel: A Talk with Chris Williamson


In a recent interview with TDA, we had the privilege of speaking with Chris Williamson, the Global Technology Director of TUI. Previously immersed in the finance sector for nine years, Chris bravely transitioned to the travel industry amidst the turbulence of the COVID pandemic. He generously shared his experiences, insights, and vision for TUI and its future innovations.

The shift between industries is rarely straightforward, especially in the face of unprecedented global challenges. Chris candidly spoke about his journey and offered valuable advice for anyone considering a similar transition. This advice included the importance of flexibility, a willingness to learn, and the ability to draw parallels between the structures of different sectors.

In his role at TUI, Chris holds a clear mission: to spearhead technological innovation in creating exceptional travel experiences. As a global leader, TUI is poised to introduce exciting developments in the near future, and Chris is pivotal in driving these forward.

One significant aspect of TUI’s technology roadmap is the mobile app, a project that Chris and his team have been keenly focused on scaling. His comments on the future of the TUI app hint at some groundbreaking technological enhancements that could redefine our travel experience.

However, the conversation with Chris wasn’t just about technological advancement. We delved into the significance of a positive work culture and exceptional employee experience. Chris firmly believes that technology, while crucial, should work hand in hand with a strong people-focused approach to drive a company’s success.

Watch the full interview here to gain a deeper understanding of Chris’s perspectives on fostering a great employee experience and the key factors contributing to a positive work culture. This interview will leave you inspired and give you a fresh outlook on the evolving interplay between technology and the travel industry.

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