CyberSecurity Recruitment

Whether you are looking to make your first hire in CyberSecurity, onboard a Security leader or scale a specialist team with a security skillset, our team have been engaged by some on the world’s most trusted brands to recruit great security talent at pace.

We accelerate CyberSecurity Recruitment

As your CyberSecurity partner, we commit to delivering when others can’t. Security skills are in high demand, all businesses want to safeguard their operations. You can trust TDA to introduce individuals or build teams that protect your business.

Faster Time To Market
Giving you a competitive advantage, generating revenue more quickly, improving agility, enhancing customer satisfaction, and responding more quickly to changing market conditions and your customer needs.
Access To Specialist Skills
Providing you with the expertise you need to solve complex problems, develop innovative solutions, and improve your operations
Reduced Risk
Of making a bad hire and utilise our partnership to improve the quality of your hires to build a stronger workforce. We help to navigate the complexities of hiring, including compliance and legal issues.
With services tailored to the needs of your business, we offer true flexibility in time to hire, budgets and your organisations operations. We can scale delivery up and down as needed to always suit your needs.
Cost Effective
According to Aberdeen Strategy & Research Group, recruitment agencies can be a 39% Lower cost per hire for those that use a talent agency over in-house recruitment services. We can also give you real time insights on salary and pay grade for all specialists.
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Find your next CyberSecurity Hire

Hire your next amazing: Security Analyst | SOC Analyst | Security Engineer | Security Architect | DevSecOps Engineers | Application Security Engineer | Cloud Security Architect | Incident Response Engineer/Analyst | Penetration Tester | Product Security Engineer | Cyber/Information Security Manager/Director/VP | Chief Information Security Officer | Senior Governance, Risk and Compliance Specialists

Our Cyber Security Talent Helps

A Rapidly Evolving Threat Landscape

Our talent keeps you up-to-date on the latest security trends and can proactively implement measures to protect against emerging threats.

Keep pace in a competitive market

Specialists can safeguard sensitive information, maintaining customer trust and business continuity, allowing you to stay ahead.

Access a variety of niche skills

Cybersecurity talent is in huge demand, our services give you access to a network of passive candidates who may not be currently looking but open to opportunities.

Want to learn more on how we can add value to your CyberSecurity teams.

One of the team would be happy to book in a call and discuss your needs in more details.

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