Renewables Recruitment

At TDA, our commitment revolves around championing renewable energy solutions.

We dedicate ourselves to delivering top-notch, innovative strategies tailored to our client’s needs in the ever-competitive renewable energy industry.

Our focus is clear: linking exceptional talent with groundbreaking projects worldwide. By harnessing this synergy, we strive to conquer unprecedented challenges and collectively achieve ambitious net-zero emissions targets.

Renewable Talent Drives Business Success

At TDA, we’re pioneers in shaping the future of renewable energy. Our commitment spans addressing individual talent needs to orchestrating full project teams. With a focus on innovation, our tailored talent solutions harness industry expertise and a comprehensive network across North America and EMEA. Offering services in Retained, Contingency, and Contract placements, we’re dedicated to driving forward the renewable energy sector, one strategic placement at a time.

Specialists in:

Offshore Wind
Onshore Wind
Green Hydrogen
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Find your next Renewable Energy Hire

Hire your next amazing: Renewable Energy Engineer | Wind Turbine Technician | Solar Project Manager | Electrical Energy (Renewables) | Energy Analyst | Renewables Environmental Specialist | Energy Storage Engineer

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How we can benefit you

Strategic Talent Acquisition

We deliver skilled professionals dedicated to advancing the renewable energy landscape, fostering innovation and propelling your company forward.

Accelerated Innovation and Adaptation

Our candidates bring fresh perspectives, driving innovation and enabling swift adaptation to market trends and emerging technologies.

Sustainable Growth and Impact

Hiring through TDA ensures talent committed to sustainability goals, helping reduce environmental footprints and positioning your company as a leader in renewable energy.

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