Understanding the Confluence of Technologies: AI, Cyber, Data, and Regulations in a Sustainable World

Cristina Dolan, an entrepreneur and global exec technology & cyber leader, joins us to discuss how AI, cybersecurity, data management, and ESG considerations are shaping the future of technology.

Join us on the 27th of June 2024 at 1pm EST / 6pm GMT

Are you an Executive or Board Member that is:

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Then join us for this enlightening event with Cristina Dolan entrepreneur and global exec technology and cyber leader who will be discussing how to navigate the complex tech landscape!


Are you ready to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving tech landscape? This introductory presentation offers insights to the critical areas shaping the future of technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, Data Management, and Regulations, all woven together with the ever-growing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.  Many organizations are struggling to manage the accelerated pandemic-driven digital transformation.  Harnessing the opportunities requires deeper understanding as leaders in the financial industry predict a seven to ten percent global growth rate in GDP from the advances in data-driven technologies which promise to redefine the landscape of our economy and society.

The acceleration of technology-driven innovation fueled by compounded data growth of 61% (IDC) has the potential to solve problems while changing the landscape of how we live and work.  Past industrial revolutions introduced new products that were enabled by the confluence of new technologies, for example, Henry Ford’s profound impact on the social and economic landscape of the 20th century.  Predictions of seven to ten percent growth in global GDP growth are expected from the confluence of today’s evolving technologies, primarily driven by increasing data, growing compute power and new technologies.  This introduces the opportunity to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, for example, healthcare, which is the third United Nations Sustainability Development Goal, as the number of healthcare professionals declines in many developed countries.

This whirlwind of new technologies promising to solve all the world’s problems as excitement builds about the potential of AI has also led to confusion and concern about the future.  Data-driven innovation also creates risks which include cyber risk, which has been weaponized by nation-states while driving revenue for countries like North Korea.  The regulatory landscape has also changed, as nations struggle to contain risks and set guard rails. 

Join us to learn about the evolution of data-driven technologies that are launching Industry 5.0.  Sustainability of organizations requires innovation and adoption, and organizations that do not embrace the opportunities of digital transformation will not survive.  Organizations are still adopting to the accelerated transformations that were required by the pandemic, and the required speed of digital transformation has not slowed down.

Cristina Dolan is an award-winning cybersecurity executive, engineer, computer scientist, and entrepreneur, driving transformation in security, data, fintech, and telecom. She co-founded a groundbreaking cybersecurity startup, and is an advisor and board member of several companies including WiseKey (SWX: WIHN), SEALSQ (NASDAQ:LAES), and GRIID (NASDAQ:GRDI). Most recently, she has been the Managing Director for LatAm and Head of the Americas distribution channel, and the Head of Global Alliances for RSA NetWitness. Additum, an award-winning European health-tech company she co-founded, is utilizing value-based data to improve outcomes in Europe and Africa. In addition, she is a senior lecturer at Columbia University.

In addition to holding Executive positions at Disney, IBM, Oracle, and TradingScreen, Cristina co-founded OneMain.com, which became the tenth-largest Internet Service Provider after a successful IPO that surpassed Amazon’s and eBay’s respective IPO records. Her accolades include co-authoring ‘Transparency in ESG’ and launching the renowned ‘Dream It. Code it. Win it’ student coding competition, which garnered numerous honors.

Recognized as the “Coup de cœur” of the CEFCYS in Europe, alongside distinctions such as 100 Women in Finance, Cristina exemplifies visionary leadership. She holds a master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab and earned both a Master of Computer Science Engineering and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

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