TDA constantly host events to support the wider design community through our Future of Design Forum.

TDA’s Future of Design Forum was founded in 2015 and has more than 200 participating design leaders that join our events- roundtable discussions, fireside chats, in-person meetups and podcasts. The Forum has proved to be an invaluable and much appreciated platform for design leaders to meet their peers, share common challenges, discuss solutions, promote their personal and company brands, network and make friends, whilst also providing invaluable content to TDA’s network of over 30,000 designers globally.

Past Events

Understanding the Confluence of Technologies with Cristina Dolan.

Leading with Authenticity: A Fireside Chat with Andy Vitale.

Designing Success: How to Succeed and Navigate in a Tough Market.

Navigating Ethical Frontiers: Harnessing AI for Efficient Product Management.

Designing the Future: Human Centricity, Design, and Creativity in the Age of A.I.

FODF: Diary of a UX / Product Design Director

FODF: Unlocking the Leadership Mind

From Finance to Travel: A Talk with Chris Williamson