Navigating Ethical Frontiers: Harnessing AI for Efficient Product Management


We recently collaborated with the team at Deeploop to host an illuminating lunch and learn forum. 

This event brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators in AI and product development, sparking a conversation about AI’s ethical and appropriate use in shaping modern businesses.

The forum delved deep into the critical question: “Is AI being used appropriately and ethically to develop products?” 

It addressed concerns around limited datasets, potential biases, and challenges faced by product development teams leveraging AI.

Sade Amale, Co-Founder at Deeploop was our host, joined by our exceptional panellists Akin Akinwale, Data Scientist and Co-Founder at Deeploop, Daniel Neagu, Professor of AI at the University of Bradford and Steve Grout, Founder and Board Advisor at Coleville London. 

Testimonials from our Esteemed Attendees

“I found it excellent. The inclusion of both academic and industry representatives added value, and the speakers were highly knowledgeable.”

VP of Product – FinTech

“Really enjoyed the discussion. It was super insightful and interesting to hear people’s takes on AI and the challenges we face from an ethical point of view. I’ll certainly be attending the next session.”

Head of Product – AI


Sade Amale, Daniel Neagu, Akin Akinwale, and Steve Grout shared their wealth of knowledge and experience in product innovation, AI, data science, and business strategy. 

Their insights illuminated the challenges in product development and the transformative potential of responsible AI.

Key takeaways

Ethical AI Development: Deeploop’s commitment to responsible AI resonated strongly as they shared insights and best practices.

Representative Datasets: The importance of inclusive and representative datasets for AI systems’ reliability and accountability was underscored.

Ongoing Vigilance: Continuous testing and expert oversight for AI reliability emerged as critical aspects of a responsible AI journey.

Looking ahead

The success of this forum has invigorated our commitment to fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations. Stay tuned for future forums that will explore the evolving landscape of AI in product development.

Looking to the future

The event, in partnership with Deeploop, underscored the importance of responsible AI implementation in product development. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our speakers, attendees, and partners for contributing to this enriching dialogue.

We are immensely grateful for the encouraging feedback received from industry leaders, emphasizing the value and insights gained from our forum.

We welcome industry professionals passionate about shaping the future of product to join us as speakers in our upcoming forums. 

Your expertise and insights are invaluable in driving meaningful discussions.

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in sharing your knowledge and experiences at our future events.

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